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Gerald Boltz

Gerald Boltz

Mystery thrillers for the faint of heart

Less Than Symbol
Less Than Symbol

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Gerald Boltz

Meet Trenton Russell

A former CIA officer who comes in out of the cold only to discover real life is no bed of roses. His every waking moment is filled with pain. Memories of failed opts, friends he lost. Families betrayed. The problem is, as he soon discovers, is that corrupt men…and women will stop at nothing to keep their greedy games going. Including murder, kidnapping and extortion. He plays high stakes blackjack to sooth his salvage psyche and discoverers a unique gift. Sometimes he sees visions in the flashing cards. Instinctual insights into mysteries he's working on. But more often than not, the stakes are not money, but human lives.

In the 1st book of the Trenton Russell series, the old west comes alive in modern day Las Vegas when a serial killer begins murdering women in brutal rituals resembling an 1860's Indian massacre. Three women so far have been found raped and murdered. A Native American gone psychotic? When the daughter of a wealthy casino owner is taken, Frank Durbin calls on his best friend, Trenton, who has an uncanny ability to solve crimes with his highly developed analytical abilities and card counting skills. He soon discovers that all is not what it seems. That the ransom of three million dollars is only the beginning of a deadly game of intrigue and betrayal. Another woman is killed to make a point. Pay the three million and the deed to his casino or else. When Durbin's daughter escapes her captor with the help of an old prospector and flees into the desert night towards the mountains of Northern Arizona, the killer is right behind them. Trenton enlists the aid of a Navajo tribal policeman as a guide and mentor and they frantically give chase. The chase ends in a tragic climax, but its not the end of the game. They've uncovered an organized cartel of drug dealers who will stop at nothing to prevent Trenton from unraveling the web of lies and deceit surrounding the apparent kidnapping.

All books are stand alone novels, but will make more sense if read in order


Dreams are for people who can’t

handle reality

The mean streets of San Francisco were never so cruel as the night they took the life of John Waters niece. Waters was deliriously happy in his new business as a security consultant for a number of hi-powered clients. Having been forcibly retired from the San Francisco police department, he employed his young niece as a secretary and gopher for sensitive documents, but when she is killed, his dreams are shattered. For he hadn't realized he was still in a dangerous profession and could get people killed if he stepped on the wrong toes, and stepped he had. Desperate for answers, he enlists the aid of Trenton Russell to help find the truth, and the trail leads through a labyrinth of bodies and betrayal so twisted, even his CIA training can't follow.

Old flames can still burn

Trenton Russell is still haunted sometimes by a ghost from the past. An old flame that he ​never quite got over. He sends her a birthday card and suddenly he is knee-deep in ​alligators. Catlin Murphy is found dead, washed up on a beach naked and alone, and he ​becomes the prime suspect. He risks everything to find her killer and the truth of their ​relationship. But things turn weird when the FBI show up investigating an armored truck ​robbery in southern California. Marked one hundred dollar bills that show up in her bank ​account. To prove her innocence, he must delve into the past and the painful memories of ​yesterday’s girl.

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Be careful what you wish for. Angels aren’t always friendly

When a beautiful young woman vanishes from a locked room in a mysterious mansion in San Francisco, alarm bells go off all over Washington. For it turns out she was a key scientist working on a top secret bioweapon for the government. A virus designed by a KKK minded politician to unleash a deadly pandemic upon the world. Trenton Russell is called back into the CIA to stop the madness. However, a single person with a conscience is also trying to stop them, killing their research doctors one by one and burying their bodies in the most unlikely of places. One that sends the entire city of San Francisco into a panic. The media has dubbed the killer… Deadly Angel.

Area 51 is no place for non believers

Gail Cochran is a law enforcement ranger for the Federal Park Service stationed in southern ​Nevada. She gets an anonymous call one evening that a young woman has been murdered ​in the desert near area 51. She investigates and finds the body but then sees a circle of blue ​lights hovering in the sky. Beautiful heart stopping blue lights that mesmerizes her away ​from the body for an unknown amount of time. When she gets back, the body is gone. An ​apparent UFO sighting sends her into an investigation of governmental corruption, ​bloodshed and terror. A chance meeting with Trenton Russell gets the CIA involved and ​things go from bad to worse. They find themselves trying to stop a new weapon so terrifying ​that whoever controls it, controls the whole world.

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Gerald Austin Boltz Is a fine arts painter, writer, and cartoonist currently living in Bethel Island California. He enlisted in Naval Air out of high school and duty stations included VF-124 fighter squadron at Moffett Field, Ca. the USS Benington aircraft carrier and Midway Island where he was attached to Naval Intelligence as a courier. Upon returning to Kansas City in 1963, he found work in a small ad agency doing advertising layout and copywriting. Married in 1965, he and his wife with their newly born son Christopher moved to San Francisco in 1966 and found themselves living in the upper Height where friends included, Allen Ginsberg, Richard Brautigan, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin. He enrolled in The Academy of Art University in San Francisco for three years, majoring in fine art and philosophy, then to Sonoma State University for creative writing. He exhibited paintings widely around the bay area throughout the seventies, subsidizing his creative efforts by working construction and doing charcoal portraits on the streets near Fisherman's Warf. He worked in Hollywood for a few years, doing set construction, special effects model making and sculpture for the movies. Upon retiring from the real world in 2006, he turned to writing to keep creatively active and decided to write mystery thrillers based on his real life experiences playing card counting blackjack in Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe in the late eighties. A protagonist who "sees" clues in the flashing cards.

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